Camps at Riverview

Since 1991, Riverview has brought learning, nature and fun into the lives of thousands of Maine kids during summer & vacation camps.

Whether you join us for 1 week or all 10, camp offers swimming, hiking, exercise, outdoor play, education, arts & crafts, and lots of adventure! Each day brings a dynamic blend of activity, life-skills education, leadership training, reading and relaxation/reflection time at a pace where campers make new friends, enjoy their summer and work cooperatively together.

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“I had such fond memories of summer camp as a kid.  I am glad that I found a place that values my kid’s summer adventures as much as I do.  Honestly, I doubt (actually I know) I couldn’t accomplish as many fun outings in a summer.  It makes my weekends easy to plan, knowing they already had a fun week as my starting point.  Two years now, and no complaints from her yet.  Love, love, love it!!”

Jill H.

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