No School / School Vacation Camps

Parents allow your children to spend school vacation and those pesky NO SCHOOL days with Riverview! You work so hard for those vacation days from work, allow us to help you save them until you can really enjoy them with the Family.

Vacation with Riverview! Since 1991, Riverview has brought learning, nature and fun into the lives of thousands of Maine kids during summer & vacation camps.

Each day brings a dynamic blend of activity and relaxation, offered at a pace where campers have the opportunity to make new friends, enjoy time with old friends, and work cooperatively together. From new experiences to seasonal favorites, Riverview’s vacation camps will create memories to last a lifetime!


“I get 3 weeks off each year, so not burning 8-10 days during the school year fits the bill for me.   I love spending time with my little monsters, but allowing them to enjoy time having fun with other kids during the school year helps me save my vacation for boat days, Ski trips and family vacations.  Such a legit win/win!!”

Constantine K.


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