Focusing on physical health, character development and spirit strengthening, Riverview students traverse through a curriculum of classic martial art techniques.


Since 1990, Riverview has taught children and teens peaceful martial arts promoting physical fitness, energy management, and compassion towards others. With a welcoming approach to a 4,000 year-old tradition, Riverview’s kids martial art program offers authentic training rooted in the core values of respect, honesty, integrity, courage and self-esteem.

About Universal Movement

Riverview Martial Arts practices Universal Movement (UM): a blend of classic techniques from the hard and soft styles of Okinawan Karate, Chinese Kung Fu, Korean Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do, Aiki-jujitsu, Chi Gung, Goju Ryu, and Tai Chi Chuan.

Universal Movement presents a total package for young lives teaching tools for lifelong health and success. Taught by caring educators, each class is built on mutual respect and kindness. Students progress through a time-tested curriculum of realistic goals for personal achievement.

Benefits of martial arts

Thousands of children and teenagers have benefited from Riverview’s systematic teaching methods encouraging self-confidence, goal attainment and peaceful resolution to conflict.

  • Gain self-control & inner peace
  • Give & receive respect
  • Build confidence in yourself
  • Learn self-regulation
  • Cultivate physical health
  • Develop self-defense for the mind, body & spirit
  • Improve coordination & focus
  • Grow academically & socially
  • Feel positive about yourself & your achievements
  • Make awesome friends!
  • Outdoor Training

Both of our newly built Dojo’s are by design located just minutes away from some of the best beaches, parks, hiking trails, nature preserves and outdoor areas in Southern and Mid-Coast Maine. Along with traditional martial arts, training in nature is an added benefit of Universal Movement. With outdoor martial art classes, summer & vacation camps, children can explore martial arts in nature and gain the creativity and courage inspired by the great outdoors.

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Martial arts typically becomes a journey to better ones self over time.

Our school welcomes students to enjoy that journey, embrace the ups and downs that come with improving oneself, and know that we too face those challenges and triumphs in the martial arts.  Consistent effort, over time – PAYS OFF!!

Our school chooses to display tuition rates on an a weekly basis.  RMA tuition is calculated on an annual basis as that is the way that 99% of our clients experience it due to the goal setting and growth mindset that our parents have for their children.  By popular request we have adopted the all inclusive weekly payment model to help simplify family budgeting.

Our youth martial arts tuition includes all services and fees required to participate in our program and does not require students to arbitrarily remain in the program for any reason beyond a reasonable 30 day notice.  No testing fees, belt fees, seminar or class fees, no long term contracts and no exit fees.

South Portland Schedule

Monday and Wend. 6-6:30pm
Every Saturday. 9-9:30am
Every Other Saturday 12:30-1:00pm
-1/1 or semi private classes as needed live or Via Zoom

Brunswick Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday. 6-6:30pm
Every Saturday. 9-9:30am
Every Other Saturday 12:30-1:00pm
1/1 or semi private classes as needed live or Via Zoom


Our $39 per week tuition includes:

  • Weekly classes at your location
  • Belts and rank evaluation
  • Priority reservation of all camps, workshops, and training skill-builders

He’s kind, polite, supportive and encouraging of everyone else… I believe very much that this change has come from you specifically, from RMA and the rest of the staff.  You have treated Kaiden like he was a role model, like he was wonderful and exceptional and shown him that kind of respect that he is showing others.   

Hilary S.

Improving the quality of life through traditional martial arts training